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Five Pedestrian Accident Facts


Some numbers have Arizona as the most dangerous state in the U.S. when it comes to pedestrians. They are in the most danger by simply being outnumbered, which means accidents are likely to rise as the number of automobiles on the road continues to rise. It is important for you to not only understand how to avoid potential pedestrian accidents, but also to understand what to do if you are in the unfortunate position of ending up in one. Here are five pointers about pedestrian accidents.

What is a Pedestrian?

It seems common sense – people walking around, right? No, because you’re missing a big number of people who cannot walk – meaning people in wheelchairs (manual or motorized. It also includes runners. Pedestrians are, effectively, anyone who typically has the right of way but who could be in danger from faster and automated modes of transportation like motorized vehicles and bicycles.

Pedestrian Accident-Related Laws

Laws regarding pedestrians are primarily built around protecting pedestrians, since laws are intended to protect the vulnerable. Arizona requires that drivers yield to pedestrians and to avoid passing vehicles stopped at a crosswalk, as a pedestrian is likely to be on the other side of said vehicle. Pedestrians are subject to Arizona law as well, of course, for their own protection, including a requirement to follow traffic control signs when at intersections and yielding right-of-way to vehicles if they are not at a crosswalk.

What are the Major Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

In Arizona, the majority of pedestrian fatalities happen when the pedestrian is crossing with a road – this is also where the most injuries occur, as well. Most of the time, pedestrians in these accidents were not intoxicated or found to be under the influence of drugs, either. This should tell you that awareness of surroundings is paramount to being a safe pedestrian.

Whose Fault is a Pedestrian Accident?

Since Arizona laws use pure comparative fault, both parties could potentially be considered at fault, which will reduce a plaintiff’s damages, in the long run, if the pedestrian is found to be in partial fault in some way. As far as potential damages, a pedestrian cam potentially seek both economic and non-economic damages.

How to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian

The easiest way to stay safe, of course, is to follow all traffic laws. It is always recommended to wear bright colors and, if walking at night, to wear some sort of reflective gear in order to be more easily noticed in headlights and other lights.


While pedestrians do typically have right of way, that is no reason to assume that everyone around you will follow the rules. Just as the safest type of driving or bicycle riding is defensive, so, too, must you be a defensive pedestrian. Keep your senses sharp and pay attention to your surroundings, and if you can avoid a potentially dangerous misunderstanding regarding crossing, etc, then do avoid it. It is better not to take a dangerous chance.


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