Track record of success in obtaining financial restitution for clients

RS Law Offices is proud of the success we have earned in securing large settlements, arbitration awards, judgments, and jury verdicts for our clients. Our success is based primarily on experience in courtrooms across California and Arizona including Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland, Napa, San Francisco, Sacramento, Scottsdale, Glendale, Chandler, Tempe, Meza and other jurisdictions in California and Arizona. Below is a list of just some of the complex personal injury cases we have handled and secured favorable outcomes for our clients. As you can see from the list below, our firm is fully capable of handling a variety of accident cases, including car wrecks, truck crashes, dog attacks, bicycle accidents, slip and falls, etc.


Premises Liability (Trip and Fall) Case Where Client Suffered a Brain Injury


Client was Severely Injured by a Dog Bite


Motorcyclist Injured in a Collision with a Motorist


Client Suffered Serious Bodily Injury in a Slip & Fall Accident


Client Badly Injured in a Collision with a Truck


Client Severely Injured in an Automobile Accident


Bicyclist Injured in a Collision with an Automobile

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What to expect

What to expect during a free, confidential consultation

If you were injured in a preventable accident, you may be wondering about what takes place during a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland, Napa, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston or elsewhere in California, Arizona & Texas. Once you have conducted some research and you are ready to schedule a consultation with a member of RS Law Offices, here is what to expect.

During this consultation, your lawyer will first want to get your detailed account of what exactly happened. Were you involved in a car accident? Crosswalk accident? Were you hit by a tractor-trailer? Were there any passengers in your vehicle? Did you get the other driver’s insurance information? These are some of the common questions your attorney will ask during the consultation. The length of the consult will vary widely, depending on the specific facts of your case.

Bring Relevant Paperwork with You

Your Napa personal injury attorney will want to look over any paperwork, documents, photographs, etc. that you have concerning the accident. This includes:

• Photographs of the accident scene
• Photographs of your injuries
• Accident reports
• Police investigation notes
• Citations or tickets
• Witness statements
• Self-taken notes
• Doctor’s notes and emergency room notes
• Automobile insurance policy
• Health insurance card
• Any information about the other driver

Bringing all this information gives your attorney the biggest, most complete picture of your case possible so that you can receive the most accurate information possible. The more thorough the information the attorney has to assess, the better.

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