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Facts About Ridesharing Accidents


Even in cities that are considered to be “car cultures,” rideshare services are quickly becoming a solid alternative for those who don’t want to abandon their car after a night out, or don’t want to take public transportation. For some, Uber and Lyft, etc are their best bet for timely arrival to work or a function. With this increasing popularity comes the increased likelihood of accidents, so here are some basic facts about what to do to make sure you aren’t left in the wind, insurance-wise, if you find yourself in an accident involving a rideshare.

Do Ridesharing Companies Insure Their Riders?

According to public statements by both Lyft and Uber, they do offer insurance coverage for riders, regardless of whether or not they are insured themselves, covering up to $1 million. This covers accidents involving their drivers and covers regardless of fault since you are not the one making the driving decisions, yourself.

How Should You Handle a Ridesharing Accident?

Since you are not the one driving, you don’t need to share insurance information with the other party, but you will need to collect the insurance information of your driver, and their ridesharing information (employee ID number, etc). This information helps insurance determine exactly who pays for what, in terms of insurance and losses. If a driver did not have the app open at the time of the accident, for example, this means that only their insurance will cover the accident. There are other time periods that determine the different responsibilities of each party, such as if the driver is awaiting a fare, has already picked a fare up, etc.

What Restitution Can You Seek?

While every accident will be different, there are some typical areas for which reimbursement tends to be available. You will need to keep all documentation and other proof in order to make it more likely that your claims will be honored. These areas include:

  • Medical expense reimbursement (prescriptions, rehab costs, current, and future medical bills)
  • Lost wages reimbursement
  • Payment for pain and suffering (emotional stress and physical stress)

How Much Time Do You Have to Pursue Legal Action?

You have two years from the date of the accident, according to California and Arizona law, to file a personal injury claim. You should make sure that you keep all receipts and file a claim in a timely manner to avoid the statute of limitations expiring.


Obviously, there’s no quick and easy rule about how to deal with an accident involving a rideshare, so your best bet is to consult a specializing attorney to figure out what your options are. The other, most important part of any potential accident situation is to be prepared and ride as safely as you’d drive your own car. Stay buckled up and always remember that your safety is a top priority, so you don’t have to continue with a driver who seems unsafe. You can report unsafe drivers to their service and the police.


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