More Apps for Increased Rideshare Safety

If every ride you take is just you and an unknown driver, it doesn’t hurt to look into your safety options. And while any unsure situation could potentially turn dangerous, you can do yourself a favor by finding helpful methods for letting people know where you are and where you’re going to be, and generally staying in touch. We’ve talked before about rideshare safety apps, but as these things go, there are always some new things in development or being released. Here are some new rideshare safety apps so that you can continue to leave breadcrumbs and feel safer.


If you’re in situation during a rideshare where you can’t safely or surreptitiously call 911 and actively to speak to someone, Noonlight should be able to help. The app, formerly called SafeTrek, has a fairly simple interface – a safety button. Should you find yourself feeling unsafe, you can hit the button secretly and it will not only contact law enforcement, but it will provide them with your current GPS coordinates. Should the alert you sent end up being a false alarm, you can also cancel the panic message relatively easily through the app interface.


Available on both iPhone and Android platforms, OnWatch is designed to allow a user who feels unsafe to contact their emergency contacts and law enforcement in the event of an emergency. OnWatch has a built-in timer, as well, that checks in with you after a certain amount of time and, if you don’t respond to that alert, it will send a message to your emergency contacts then, as well. This is a great, simple tool for allowing yourself some leeway in terms of time while also making sure you have a backup in case something goes awry.

Watch Over Me

Not only does the Watch Over Me app (available on both Android and iPhone) allow you to get in touch with your emergency contacts in the event of an emergency, it also allows you to gather evidence, if need be. Watch Over Me uses your phone’s video camera to collect visual information, and it also has an alarm that can be triggered by shaking your phone. This app is designed to be activated before you enter a rideshare, and deactivated once you’re somewhere safe. Watch Over Me is designed to take its safety actions with the fewest number of taps or swipes possible in order to get you home safe.


Your phone’s maps app is a bonus, backup possibility if you don’t have any of these other apps installed. Enabling you to pin, or let friends and family track your current location, is a great simple way to make sure someone has an eye on you. Another easy solution is to keep that one while also remaining on the phone during the duration of your ride, and once you’re safely at your destination.

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