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Getting the Best Price on Your Auto Insurance Policy


Keeping everything with your vehicle in the best shape can seem like a job with a lot of moving parts. Maintenance, safety, registration, insurance, etc.! While keeping your insurance on auto-draft every billing cycle is a great way to keep it out of sight and out of mind, it can also be a great way to be missing out on potential savings, or at the very least missing out on perks that you are eligible to be receiving. These are the three most important ways to ensure you are getting the most value for your insurance policy payments.

Safe Driving

It is no news to anyone that being at fault for even a minor accident can cause your insurance rates to go up. When an insurance company finds you to be more of a liability, they hedge their bets by charging more upfront to cover you in the future. It also doesn’t stop at just accidents; excessive traffic violations can also increase your out-of-pocket cost. Some insurance companies even offer additional discounts this way by allowing tracking of your vehicle for a short period of time and calculating your driving style that way.

Shopping for Discounts

Staying with your insurance company is an easy thing to do, but it might mean you’re missing out on promotions that other companies are running. Every time your policy is up for renewal, shop around for quotes. There are several different companies that offer quotes from various large insurance companies. You can also call local agents to see if they are able to get you a better price with their companies than you can without their representation.

Utilizing All Features Available

What perks does your insurance company offer you? Do they offer roadside assistance, or can you bundle in other insurance needs (home, renters, etc.) at a very minimal cost? Sometimes two companies can offer you insurance at the same rate on paper, but one can offer significantly more perks that increase your benefits. When shopping for new policies or renewing existing ones, be sure to see what add-ons are available and be sure to use them! If roadside assistance is offered through your insurance policy, you can save money every month by not needing a second AAA package, for example.

If the unfortunate happens and you end up in an auto accident, negotiating with an insurance agent can be an overwhelming ordeal. Communicating with agents representing you and any other parties, adjusters, getting rental cars sorted, handling any possible medical bills or auto maintenance and repair tasks, it can all be a lot. We are experts in navigating this process and will advocate for you to ensure you get the greatest care possible to get all your needs taken care of. We will also negotiate to get the highest dollar possible so that going forward you are able to recuperate any of your losses and be set up for success with your recovery.


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