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Top Three Scenic Motorcycle Routes in California


California is among the most beautiful destinations in the country. The raw beauty of our state is part of the reasons why myriads of people move here every day. From miles of pristine beaches, breathtaking lakes, picturesque deserts, to rugged but awe-inspiring terrains like Yosemite, the geographic diversity of the Golden State is simply mesmerizing. And, there’s no better way to explore than on a motorcycle, as long as you stay safe on the road, and have a reputable motorcycle accident attorney to guide you should you find yourself in trouble. If you own one and are in for an adventure this summer, you’re in luck because highlighted below are the most scenic motorcycle routes in California

Scenic Motorcycle Routes in California

Nothing beats the feeling of cruising down a scenic trail on your motorcycle with nothing to do but explore what the road ahead has to bring to the table. Here are scenic motorcycle routes in California to live out this dream:

1.   Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love challenges it’s for you.

Located about 300 miles from Los Angeles, Death Valley stretches about 140 miles long and is characterized by desolate, rugged desert terrain. Its expansive, barren landscape looks like something out of an alien movie but it has a lot to offer.

Stop by Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the US, and visit the mysterious, but spectacular sailing stones at Racetrack Playa. Snap pictures at the scenic Zabriskie Point, and explore the Badlands too. Once you’re done with this route and your spirit of adventure still nudges at you, head west to the Panamint Range, or east and explore the Grapevine Mountains on the Armagosa range.

Note, however, this route is best explored by a group of friends. So, be sure to ask your motorcyclist friends to join in and while at it, dehydrate a lot, and pack lots of sunscreen.

2.    Pacific Coast Highway

If deserts do not tickle your fancy and you’d rather skip the rough terrain for a smoother ride with a view then the Pacific Coast Highway is a perfect motorcycle cruise route for you.

It is a 1700 mile stretch that runs along the entire west coast. If you start in California it’ll be about 655 miles. It’s completely paved and to add a cherry on top of an already perfect route, it features a spectacular coastline for you to enjoy.

You’ll come across pine-fringed mountains, stretches with an ocean view, soaring bridges, lush rainforests, unique and stunning giant redwoods, and a sense of remote serenity you can’t find elsewhere.

We suggest starting your trip at Santa Cruz, go across the Bixby Creek Bridge, and the ever-breathtaking Golden Bridge before joining the Pacific Coast Highway. Alternatively, you could start your trip at the Sunset Boulevard for a view of the luxurious Beverly Hills, and then take the Pacific Highway at the Santa Monica Pier.

3.   Sierra Heritage Scenic Byway

The Sierra Heritage Byway is a 99km route that begins around Cloves and climbs all the way to the Sierra National Forest. It’s lightly trafficked and has a little bit of everything for everyone. From old resort towns, recreational centers to beautiful alpine landscapes with countless wildlife. You can enjoy the wilderness and indulge in activities like camping, and rafting in between your journey.

Work with the Pros Today

California is beautiful. The three motorcycle routes are enough proof that this state is filled with raw beauty and the best of nature. Enjoy your cruising but be sure to consult our highly skilled team of Motorcycle accident attorneys for legal counsel.


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