Tips for Avoiding Slip & Fall Accidents

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Tips for Avoiding Slip & Fall Accidents


Slipping and falling is hilarious in the movies and on TV, but when you enter the real world, slips
and falls are some of the most dangerous causes of personal injuries one can experience outside of a vehicle accident. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and for many reasons – a simple spill, a loose rug, a stepladder, even poor lighting can cause anything from a minor bruise to a life-changing fracture or worse. Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe from slips and falls in unknown locations or even familiar ones.

Tell Someone

Keep an eye out for obstacles, spills or any other potential slip and fall hazards. Like so many accidents, diligence is the number one prevention tool. If the risk is at your employer, let a supervisor know and make sure everything is dealt with. If this potential exists outside of your home, for instance in a business, let someone at the business know. You’re doing yourself a service and you’re doing them a favor.

Walk Safely

Always use handrails when you are going up and down stairs, and avoid any uneven surfaces, or those that could be unexpectedly slippery or in other way a slip and fall hazard. Walking safely also involves basic diligence and keeping an eye out for potential slip and fall hazards like spills, broken tiles, obstacles, etc.

Work Safely

A huge cause of slip and fall accidents is stepladders. Always be sure to open any stepladder all the way before setting it down and definitely before using it. Make sure stepladders are out of the way of potential foot traffic, and never stand on the upper step or any other step designated a “do not step” area. Make sure your ladder is locked in place and that the ladder has been placed on a form, stable, flat surface that is not slippery.

See Something? Move Something

If there’s an obvious obstacle in your way, and if it could be in someone else’s, move it if it is safe to do so. You will help prevent further accidents and you’ll remain safe yourself. Always let the person in charge wherever you are know that the obstacle was there, and if you can’t move it, let someone know right away so that they can deal with it.

Footwear is Key

Always wear non-slip footwear whenever you can. Good work boots or slip-resistant shoes at work, winter boots if its snowy out, rubber boots when its rainy, and if you’re stuck with dress shoes and you expect it to rain, get rubber covers to give yourself some extra traction while also saving the quality of your dress shoes in the process.

Contact RS Law Office right away if you’ve experienced a slip and fall accident. We can help you get what you deserve, so that you aren’t left paying for exorbitant hospital bills or other fees. Your quality of life is just as important as your safety.


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