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Great Motorcycle Roads in Arizona


There’s no freer way to see the great state of Arizona than to travel it by motorcycle. Being one of the last gateways to the West Coast, our streets are manifold, so your options are virtually endless. Whether you’re touring to see the mountains, the wildlife, the succulents or other plants, or just visit towns you’ve never seen before, seeing it by motorcycle is almost magical. Here are some of the most exciting motorcycle roads in Arizona.

Route 66

It’s the original ride, the Mother Road, which goes all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica, on the West Coast. You’ll find plenty of life and attractions, much of which sprung up around the original building of Route 66. The old Route also passes through Flagstaff, which is a nice visit if you’re not just looking for spots along the highway.


Jerome is perhaps best known for its incredibly curvy roads (supposedly 127 of them within the 12 miles of the road), with beautiful mountain views guaranteed to satisfy any rider’s thirst for the perfect motorcycle route. It may be short, but it’s a perfect trip for a single day, or as part of a longer road trip.

Catalina Highway

One of Arizona’s longer and more complicated offerings, driving the Catalina Highway not only gives you more great views and great riding terrain, but it also allows you access to many other well-known roads that bikers long to seek out, like the Catalina Foothills and Willow Canyon. If you want a long ride with all kinds of options, give Catalina Highway a shot the next time you’re riding through Arizona.


Sedona is not only well-known for its fantastic views, but is also notable for its location, amongst a sleepy retirement town. It’s also home to the Grand Canyon Harley Davidson Dealership, a well-known pilgrimage spot for motorcycle enthusiasts the world over. While you’re checking out Sedona’s beautiful scenery and riding roads, give the Harley shop a visit, if only to say that you’ve been there.

Sunset Point

Sunset Point is known for exactly that – the sunsets. There are all kinds of beautiful terrain and gorgeous views throughout the state of Arizona, but if you want to see the sun set at a perfect spot, it doesn’t have to be over the water. Near Jerome, you’ll find Sunset Point the perfect end of the day spot to wrap up a mini-tour or full tour of Arizona’s plentiful motorcycle friendly roads.

Tortilla Flats

If you didn’t get enough twists and turns in Jerome, Tortilla Flats (recently re-paved) is a perfect day trip for riders of all experience levels who love mountain paths and a bit of a challenge.


Seeing the state by motorcycle makes you feel like Arizona was built to be experienced with the wind against your skin. Have a safe trip out on the scenic roads of Arizona, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery, looking at the wildlife, and visiting our diverse towns and landscapes along the way.


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