Five Apps for Bicyclists

Bicycle accidents happen all the time in the United States, and practicing bicycle safety is relatively simple – it just involves a lot of mindful riding and the safest possible equipment. Another part of safe bicycle riding is making sure you have your routes planned out and, in the case of an emergency, it doesn’t hurt to let other people know your route, as well. Here are five apps that will help you on your bike riding adventures.



The MapMyRide App helps you track your rides using their parent company’s route-mapping software. Not only will it help you track your rides but it can also log information on your weight, nutrition and other factors that might play into your bicycle exercise regimen.


The Strava App is all about your route progress, and while you can use it like the other apps to track your route in real time, some people use it separate from their GPS devices and log their progress in the Strava app at a later time. It is also linked socially so that you can see how other friends are progressing and share your route with your friend group, as well, allowing people to help motivate their friends on their rides.


The Komoot App is perfect for helping you design any kind of bike ride, including commutes. Komoot is designed to take not just the shortest route somewhere, but it looks at efficiency as well, specifically gearing it toward the best possible bike routes. It knows where bike paths are, and roads which are bike friendly, and calculates the best route using all of that data. Komoot tracks you distance, your speed and helps make quick route changes, should there be obstacles or other issues.


Like many of the other bike apps, Bikemap helps plan your routes, provides real-time navigation and route updates and has many other features. You can also provide updates into the app when you’re stopped safely to help Bikemap’s users navigate your area. Bikemap is also stocked with routes generated by its users, helping to save time by finding common routes for regular bikers.

Ride with GPS

The Ride with GPS app features a quick and easy to use interface that allows you to activate route recording with one tap. It can also save maps and routes offline should you end up riding around somewhere with little to no connection, and helps in case you need to conserve battery. It also has a sharing function so that you can show your fellow riders all the details of your ride.


Safe riding is always your best bet, but if you find yourself involved in a bicycle accident, consult with an attorney after your medical needs have been taken care of. If you’re driving a car, be sure to always keep bicyclists and bicycle lanes and roads in mind, keeping an eye out for anyone who could be in your blind spot or might otherwise be neglected.

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