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Personal Injury Lawyers: Myths and Misconceptions


Every year, millions of people are injured across the U.S. However, most of them survive. Although you might suffer from long-term or serious injuries, the fact is, if it was because of someone else’s fault or negligence, you are entitled to compensation. Besides being compensated for your medical bills or wages, there are several myths and misconceptions regarding the claim process. 

For this reason, it is critical to familiarize yourself with the common misconceptions and myths before claiming your fair share. Read on for a detailed insight into some of the common myths and misconceptions regarding personal injury cases. 

Myth 1: You Can File for a Personal Injury Claim Any Time

This is perhaps one of the most common misconceptions in personal injury law. The truth is, you have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury claim. There are certain things you need to put into consideration, such as adhering to the statute of limitations required for each state. 

Certain states will provide you with a one year allowance from the day of damage or injury. You are required to file a personal injury suit from the set date. 

Myth 2: Personal Injury Claims are an Easy Way to Get Money

In the majority of states in the U.S., you can be compensated for damages sustained based on the types of injuries. Typical damages include:

  • Wages lost due to personal injuries 
  • Loss of enjoyment time
  • Medical costs 
  • Compensation for mental and physical pain, and suffering 

Although you might get compensated, it is not easy money. You will not be paid randomly or get a paycheck every month because you are injured. Every case is considered as unique, and the amount you will be compensated for will not be the same as what a person you know was paid. You will need the help of a seasoned lawyer in personal injury claims to get the maximum compensation.

Myth 3: Compensation is Always Guaranteed 

One of the critical things you should note is that just because you are injured, it does not mean that you should get compensated. Every case is treated differently, and the amount to be compensated varies.

Myth 4: Driver At-Fault in a Car Accident Should Pay for Medical Bills

Although you might not be the at-fault when the accident happened, as you accumulate medical bills, either you, your auto insurer or your healthcare insurer should pay for the medical bills. The third-party, such as the driver at-fault, should not pay the required fee — unless they volunteer. However, the settlement terms should be decided by an official judge in court. 

There is no doubt that in case of an accident, you will need a personal injury lawyer to help you get the deserved compensation. At RS Law, we are always working around the clock to ensure you get the required recompense. Also, our team is readily available to break any myths and misconceptions you might be having about personal injury. Contact us today for a consultation or for help in claiming compensation.


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