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Apps for Increased Rideshare Safety


Rideshares can be fun and convenient, but if you’re putting your life in the hands of a stranger by taking a rideshare, you’ll want to feel safe. No one wants to be put in a situation where they feel unsafe or lost, or where they might end up in a ridesharing
accident. Here are some apps designed for keeping you safe while on the go, perfect for monitoring your location and keeping you feeling safe while in a rideshare.


Kitestring is an SMS-based service, so it’s not exactly an app, but it serves a simple function, and has a limited free version and unlimited paid version. It is designed specifically to help in case you’re gone longer than you intend to be, and lets the important people in your life know if you aren’t back yet. You send a text to Kitestring, telling them how long you’re expected to be gone, and it checks in with you after the allotted time. If you don’t respond to their automated check-in text, it then alerts your emergency contacts, as set up in advance with their service. There is a free version that allows three trips and a single emergency contact, but for $3 per month, you have unlimited trips, and your emergency contacts are unlimited, too.


The Life360 app is designed for families, giving real-time locations of members of the circle to other members. Clicking the Help Alert in the app instantly sends the user’s current GPS location to the other members whether they are currently tracking that user or not. This gives you a sense of security and an ability to keep an eye out for vulnerable members of your family and/or friend group. Life360 also conveniently features a built-in chat function that in-circle users can use to communicate with one another, making clarification much easier while on the go.

Circle of 6

The Circle of 6 app lets you set up a circle of six contacts who will receive SMS alerts when you press a specific icon inside the app. It was originally designed with college students and mind, though it still serves the same purpose of keeping you safe with a simple interface that looks like a typical phone screen with options that you will understand better than anyone who might mean you harm.

Specific icons within the app send specific text alerts, like “Come and get me. I need help getting home safely,” after which it adds your current GPS coordinates. If you click the phone icon, it sends “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption,” and clicking the chat icon sends a message reading “I need to talk.”

If you have experience a rideshare accident, you should contact RS Law Offices so that they can take on your case and get you the justice you deserve. Staying safe is not always as simple as “staying out of trouble,” especially since trouble often comes to us without invitation.


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