Ridesharing Services May Help Lower Drunk Driving Accidents

Research has been done in Chicago showing a correlation between ridesharing and drunk driving incidents. The study looks at the relationship between rideshare participants on the road and accidents over about a year’s time.

It is no secret that drunk driving leads to catastrophic damages and injury on a regular basis in America. If you are involved in or victimized by a drunk driving accident, our law offices are here to help. Whether it is property damage, personal injury, or anything else, navigating these challenges can be daunting for anyone.

Study Overview

The study took place in the city of Chicago. Researchers gathered data from several different metrics. They looked at police reports for motor vehicle accidents and cataloged which accidents were reported as having alcohol involved versus not. They then took this data and compared it to rideshare metrics that they sourced directly from Uber and Lyft. They compared each area’s accident reports against the rideshare data to search for a correlation between higher rideshare participants and lower alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.


The impact of ridesharing availability looks very positive in the pursuit of lowering drunk driving accidents. Among the data gathered for this study over the course of a year, when ridesharing participation was prevalent, drunk driving accidents looked to be lowered by as much as 23%! There are currently several other studies taking place to compare similar data metrics in different areas and time periods. Reducing drunk driving accidents is of top priority to keep our roads safer.

Choosing Ridesharing

Ridesharing apps make navigating unknown cities or neighborhoods a breeze. In California, the largest rideshare apps are Uber and Lyft, but there are many other options. Limos and other themed rides are available for special occasions or for making new memories. Many taxi companies, like Yellow Cab, have put in major work to compete with new technology and have developed their own apps to schedule rides and pay within the apps themselves. There are also airport shuttles and lesser-known apps like Flywheel and Sidecar! If you need a ride in California, you are almost guaranteed to have an option that fits your exact need and budget.

Going Forward

Ridesharing apps seem to have picked up on the positive effect that their services are having on drunk driving. Because of this, there have been several initiatives nationwide to assist in the accessibility of their service utilization around periods where drunk driving accidents seem to increase. Both Uber and Lyft have launched campaigns to assist people with using their apps instead of getting behind the wheel when impaired. Over the most recent holiday season, Uber partnered with Harris County in Texas to offer a $20 coupon code for residents to be able to use as needed. Lyft has shown similar partnerships in Nashville, TN, and other cities. Similar projects have been sponsored by outside organizations like M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) which will help cover the cost and arranging of appropriate and safe transportation measures for those in need.

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