Lemon Laws for Defective Hyundai Vehicles in California

If your newly acquired or leased Hyundai car has repeated problems that require repair, the vehicle manufacturer or its licensed representative owes you a refund, repair, or replacement. 

If you wind up with a lemon car and the manufacturer is not willing to take care of the vehicle, you will need to seek the counsel of a Lemon Law attorney about your legal rights and options. Below is all you need to know about lemon laws for defective Hyundai vehicles in California. 

What are California Lemon Laws? 

The California Lemon Law formerly referred to as the Song-Beverly Warranty Act, is a statute in California legislated to protect from using defective consumer products that are purchased or leased for personal use. The main aim of California lemon laws is to protect consumers against fraud by ensuring vehicle manufacturers make quality auto products and also maintain their end of the warranty. These laws require vehicle manufacturers and dealerships in California to: 

  • Provide adequate repair facilities for consumers throughout California 
  • Cover both the consequential and incidental damages caused by the defective vehicle 
  • Attempt to repair the defective car for a limited number of times
  • Compensate, replace, or refund the consumer after several repair attempts
  • Ensure the repair of defective cars doesn’t exceed 30 days

How Can You Tell If Your Hyundai is a Lemon?  

Any car, both used and new, might be considered a lemon under specific circumstances. Your Hyundai car is a lemon if: 

  • It has a technical problem that hinders its functionality or poses a safety threat to the consumer 
  • The problems was not caused by the car owner
  • The manufacturer or licensed dealer failed to repair the problem after a specified number of attempts
  • It has stayed in the manufacturers shop for repair for more than 30 days within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles after purchase. 

Common Issues with Hyundai Lemon Vehicles 

Hyundai Motor Company started selling automobiles in the United States in 1986. Today, Hyundai has a multitude line of vehicles, such as Elantra, Veloster, Tucson, and Genesis sedan among other makes and models. Even though the quality of Hyundai vehicles have imporved over the past decades, consumers often complain about a wide-range of problems like: 

  • Defective brakes
  • Engine failure and knocking
  • Airbag failure 
  • Steering defects

Nonetheless, Hyundai or its licensed dealers have tendency of issuing consumers with frustrating recalls. The company has an obligation to repair defects in your car or refund you after a reasonable number of attempts. If the automaker or licensed dealer refuses or is not in a position to repair your Hyundai, you may have a valid lemon law claim under California laws. 

Contact Experienced Lemon Law Experts for Help 

If you suspect that your Hyundai is a lemon, you need the help of a lemon law expert to help you with your claim. If you are in California, you need a team of lawyers who have handled similar cases and are experienced in the field like RS Law Offices to evaluate your options and help you with the claim. 

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