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Five Types of Truck Accidents


Trucks are paramount to our country’s economy. Over 15 million trucks move across the country, transporting consumer goods from one state to another every day. But despite their essential place in our society, trucks are pretty dangerous and pose a high risk to every road user. It pays to know the different types of accidents so you can know what damages to claim if you or anyone you know is injured in an accident involving one.

Types of Truck Accidents

Just as there are variations to regular car accidents, there are also variations to truck accidents. Discussed in detail below are the different types of truck accidents and why they occur:

1.   Head-On and Rear-End Truck Accidents

Head-on and rear-end collisions are the most prevalent type of truck accidents. A head-on truck accident occurs when the truck collides or crashes onto oncoming traffic head-on. They are often very dangerous, and most of the time, fatal. On the other hand, Rear-end collisions occur when the truck crashes into the back of another vehicle.

Similar to head-on collisions, rear-end truck accidents are equally as dangerous because trucks are generally heavy. Once they pick up speed, it’s almost, if not impossible, for them to stop suddenly. So, their impact is always significant.

Both head-on and rear-end accidents commonly occur due to driver fatigue, distracted driving, or when the driver loses control of their truck due to

  • Speeding
  • Improper lane
  • Following too
  • Impaired driving

2.   Jackknife Truck Accidents

This type of accident occurs when a truck comes to a sudden stop or brakes suddenly, causing the trailer to swing out at a ninety-degree angle. Jackknife truck accidents are typically dangerous because they happen suddenly and unexpectedly, causing the oncoming cars or those behind the truck to either crash into it or each other, trying to avoid the impact. Jackknife truck accidents often occur due to improper or sudden braking, faulty equipment, bad weather, or driver negligence.

3.   Underride Accidents

Underride accidents are among the deadliest of all truck accidents. They occur when a truck stops suddenly, causing all smaller, approaching vehicles to get lodged under the truck. The key to avoiding such accidents is maintaining a safe distance from truck vehicles while on the road.

4.   Tire Blowout

As the name implies, tire blowouts occur when a truck’s tire blows out. Truck tire blowouts are typically more dangerous than regular car tire blowouts because first, the tire debris is considerably heavier and will crush anything on its path.  It’s more difficult for a truck driver to control a truck after a tire blowout. That means even more danger to other motorists because impact with a truck with a blown-out tire is far more hazardous for every other road user, especially if the truck in question was at high speed.  

5.   Lost Load

Trucks drivers are required to inspect and ensure cargo is well-secured before transit. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this rule, and the result is that improperly secured cargo ends up falling out of the truck, posing a danger to every other road user. If it doesn’t fall off, improperly loaded cargo may shift, causing the truck to lose balance, and making it impossible for the truck driver to maintain control, especially when taking corners, turns, or curves.

Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys

All types of truck accidents are dangerous, and the above are just a few examples. While you cannot avoid trucks altogether, the key to staying safe from any of the accidents above is always maintaining a safe distance from them while on the road. If you or your loved one was recently injured in any truck accident, contact our experienced team of truck accident attorneys to help you get your rightful compensation.


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