Five Products for Increased Pedestrian Safety

While pedestrians typically have the right of way in most places, that doesn’t automatically make everyone around you a better or safer driver. As pedestrians, we have to actively practice safety in order to make sure that we are the ones most responsible for our personal safety. Staying aware of our surroundings is always step number one, but another critical piece is making sure to have personal safety equipment with us. Here are five pieces of pedestrian safety equipment that can work for everyone.

Birdie Personal Alarm

The Birdie Personal Alarm is made for women, by women. It is a simple, loud alarm that also features a flashing strobe light. It is designed to scare away attackers, and would also serve well for a pedestrian in any kind of danger, or who has been injured. Drawing attention to yourself is a great way to stay safe in many situations where you don’t have an obvious escape route.

Illuminite High-Visibility Clothing

Illuminite’s high-vis clothing is comfortable and designed for people of all sizes (and pets). It is high-visibility (reflective) and stylish at the same time, allowing you to make a statement while also staying extra safe. Most of their products are made in their Massachusetts factory, so buying their products is also supporting an American business.

SONY LinkBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds

Most of us have something else going on as we walk, and it’s usually listening to music or to podcasts. One huge problem with headphones or earbuds is that we often listen to them at too high a volume to be aware of our surroundings, and even if we’re listening to them at a normal volume, it’s easy to miss what’s going on. The SONY LinkBuds are a great compromise, featuring a hole in the middle so you can hear what’s going on around you while also getting high-quality sound. The LinkBuds also features a specialized voice technology for clear phone calls and up to 5.5 hours of battery per use. The charging case increases its portability to an overall 17.5 hours. Obviously, you have to charge it between uses.

Shoes for Crews Slip-Resistant Sneakers

The people at Shoes for Crews create shoes for everyday work use, but any of us can use slip-resistance in the face of rain, oil, or other slippery surfaces or materials. They are designed for working, but a shoe for a lot of foot traffic means they should be comfortable, hardwearing, and, of course, slip-resistant.

ApaceVision Clip On Running Lights

ApaceVision’s clip on running lights are designed for you, your kids, your dogs – anyone. They come in a two-pack for $18, making these high-visibility running lights a great option for making your presence unmistakable. Anything that puts you front and center makes you an obstacle to avoid and puts a driver’s attention where it should be – around you.

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