Five Helpful Facts and Tips About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are specialist machines. They require their own licenses, training and a specific discipline for driving safely. Learning to drive defensively on a motorcycle can be more difficult than doing so in an automobile. Each year, there are 2,907 total motorcycle crashes, 2,274 of which result in injuries and 156 of which result in some sort of fatality. While there are many products and ways to keep yourself safe while driving a motorcycle, the best method is always preparedness. Here are some facts and tips about motorcycle accidents.

What are the Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents?

Failure to yield and speeding are the top primary causes of motorcycle crashes.

Almost 70% of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections because drivers do not see the motorcycle.

How Likely is A Motorcycle Accident?

Learning road safety is important for anyone driving any kind of motor vehicle, and pedestrians as well. The odds of being injured in a motorcycle accident are very high, even if your odds of surviving a motorcycle accident are relatively high. Generally, your odds of escaping a motorcycle accident with no injury is less than one in four.

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Occur Yearly?

In 2018 and 2019, the percentage of fatal motorcycle accidents approximately 2.1 percent. This was with a total number pf 16,818 casualties reported in 2018, and 16,224 reported in 2019. This decrease was minimal, especially considering how high the number is, overall. This is one reason to stress the safety of defensive motorcycle driving.

What Are Some Safe Riding Tips?

Number one is to always drive defensively, being aware of where you are and those around you. Follow road signs and signals and obey traffic laws. Some other good ideas:

  • Use your headlight always, regardless of whether you are riding during the day or night
  • Always ride in the section of the lane of the road in which you are most visible to people in cars and other motorcycles
  • If you don’t think you are visible, be sure to honk to make people aware of you
  • Always wear a helmet to prevent injury to yourself
  • Wearing light colored clothing is best, and at least be sure to have some reflective elements to your clothing as well

Are Cars Safer?

Compared to riding in a car, your chances of dying in a motorcycle accident are thirty times greater. Motorcycles have an eighty percent injury or death rate, and automobiles have a rate of around twenty percent. Taking precautions and driving safely are the best options to avoid becoming a statistic.


If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident, as always be sure to gather the other person’s insurance information and get medical attention for any injuries you might have. Gather and keep all your documents so that you can consult with an attorney to discover what options you have legally to pursue damages. Driving safe is the best solution, but in the event of an accident, you should be pre

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