Five Apps for Increased Road Safety

Staying safe on the road is more important as more and more cities become increasingly dependent on automobile transportation. Increased road safety is about diligence and attentive driving, but there are also ways to “gamify” or in other ways incentivize safe driving, through smartphone apps. Here are five apps designed to keep you less distracted and able to concentrate on the task at hand – a safe ride in your car.


The OneTap App is all about distraction-free driving – which is equally critical for older drivers as it is for younger drivers – anyone can be a save driver. As soon as you start your drive, OneTap will detect your motion and send a signal to the rest of your phone to bloc notifications, including those from texts and calls. To avoid confusion over any lost messages, the OneTap App then sends a message to the texter or caller that you’re currently driving and cannot currently be disturbed.


The LifeSaver App is very highly rated in the app store for a reason. It is designed to monitor any kind of distracted driver on the part of the user. It was apparently designed for parents to monitor the driving of their teens, and it limits the phone’s usability while driving, to maps, navigation and hands-free calling capabilities. It will send a message to the monitoring party when they start driving, and there is a rewards system for safe driving built in.

Down for the Count

Speaking of rewards, it isn’t all parents rewarding their kids. Down for the Count actually incentivizes good and safe driving for the user who installs the app, giving them coupons and gift cards for using their phone while in motion – and they don’t have to be the driver to use it, so passengers can get rewards, too. One user buys the gift cards, etc, and those gifts go toward the recipient based exclusively on their phone self control.


For great monitoring of driving habits, EverDrive App is the solution for you. It keeps a score of safe driving – the better the driving, the better your overall score. It essentially turns good driving habits into a game that requires you to not look at your screen and instead concentrate on the road. Those at the top of the list also become eligible for prizes, including scholarships worth $50,000.

Vodafone-saveLIFE Road Safe

If your car goes over 10kmph, the Road Safe App from Vodafone disables notifications from your phone automatically. The app also contains road safety tips and other information about how to drive safe, such as offenses and fines. It includes one-touch dialing to call up emergency services, as well.


Call an attorney if you’ve been in an automobile accident, and make sure to get medical attention and keep all documentation about the accident and your resulting medical attention. If you have apps that record your location and your route and your driving, keep records from those apps, as well.

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