Five Apps Every Trucker Should Have

Driving a tractor trailer or any other large vehicle isn’t just about long hours, lots of miles and making sure you’re still driving safely after those lengthy days. It’s a lifestyle, and like any other connected lifestyle in the 21st century, there are plenty of apps to go around designed to help make a truck driver’s life a little bit easier. Here are five apps that every trucker should consider installing on their smart phone, to help take some of the pressure off while driving.


Specifically designed with North American truck drivers in mind, the TruckBubba app helps truckers find rest areas, weigh stations, truck stop and repair places with an ease never before possible. With over 50,000 locations currently mapped in their app, using your location you’ll be able to plan out your rest stops or make unexpected detours with ease. People who use the app can also report back to it how busy or functional current weigh stations are, so that other truckers know just what to expect when pulling up. It is also a simple navigation and route planning app, putting everything you need in one place.


While this app is designed for all drivers, GasBuddy is an incredibly popular option for truckers to find nearby gas and pay for it. There’s also a GasBuddy card you can sign up for to get reduced rates on gas at the pump. With their rewards, you can eventually get free gas, as well.

Park My Truck

If you’ve ever found yourself out on the road and frustrated because you can’t find a spot to park for the night, Park My Truck can help. It’s a simple app that lets anyone with available parking let truckers know whether or not their space is free.


Especially if you’ve got corporate standards to uphold while you’re also doing the rest of your job, FleetSafer is designed to make sure you’re driving safely and avoiding accidents while out there on the road. Once you’re actually in driving mode, the app goes into safe mode, which makes it so that the keyboard and screen can’t be accessed, and also makes it so that you don’t get alerts for texts, emails or calls.

Co-Pilot Truck

Co-Pilot Truck is an app that is also designed to keep you safer on the road, while also providing you accurate GPS and navigational information designed with trucks in mind. It shows you truck-legal routes, and keeps track of your actual route and compares it to the recommended or planned route. This app is also designed to help reduce fuel and operating costs so, if those are coming out of your pocket, this is an easy way to help save some money. The app also communicates with receiving so that they have a precise idea of when you’ll arrive.

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