Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles may be a reliably safe mode of transportation but, as in so many accidents out in the world, the problem is not often with the mode of transportation you’re in, but how the person who hits you is traveling. Every year, more than 50,000 bicyclists are injured in collisions with automobiles. Too few of these are reported to the police, meaning no police report, making it harder and harder to seek out any sort of damages the injured cyclist could be eligible for. Here are some things to know about bicycle accidents.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

As you can imagine, most accidents involving a bicycle and a motor vehicle involve the motor vehicle driver not paying proper attention, and/or not following the rules of the road. This is why high-visibility clothing, gear and sometimes the right apps are integral for a bicycle rider, to avoid as many accidents as possible. Some of the most common types of bicycle accidents are:

  • Motorist makes a right turn and hits the bicyclist
    • If a bicycle is in a motorist’s blind spot, or the driver of the car is not paying adequate attention, it is all too easy for a car to run into a bicycle quickly and without noticing
  • Motorist makes a left turn and hits the bicyclist
    • This can be the result of a blind spot as well, or may be the result of the motor vehicle driver “rushing to finish the turn” without looking at who is coming their way
  • Motorist rear-ends bicyclist
    • This happens more often than not because a car driver is not paying proper attention to their surroundings
  • Motorist opens the door and the bicyclist hits the door
    • This lack of attention to surroundings is another common cause – as a bicycle rider, you should be driving defensively to look out for drivers not keeping an eye out

Types of Injuries Suffered by Bicycle Riders

When a large object traveling at a high speed hits a smaller object, a lot of damage can be done. These injuries are the reason most people call a lawyer to deal with these types of accidents. The injuries and losses suffered can be massive, and navigating that on your own can be very difficult.  Some common injuries incurred by bicyclists are:

Since bicyclists are protected by the laws that protect motorists, you have a right to compensation if you are injured is such an accident.

What Do You Do if You’re in a Bicycle Accident?

First and foremost, get treated for your injuries and make sure you are provided with all of the necessary records. Should the injury seem “small,” some injuries can lurk before showing themselves, so being scanned for internal injuries and generally checked out by a doctor will help you be certain. Take all of the pictures of your bike and your injuries that you can, and report the accident to the police, with as many details as you can about the other person involved in the accident.

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