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Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents


Whether you’re driving in a place where the environment is a little more driver-friendly, or if you’re somewhere where the weather poses a driving hazard, you can’t go wrong having a working knowledge of how best to avoid accidents. In 2020 alone, there were nearly 36,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Those accidents accounted for a total of 38,824 deaths of people of all ages from all walks of life. No matter how healthy you are, if you’re in a car, you’re at risk. Here are some tips for staying safe on the road.

Plan Ahead

This goes for directions as well as for knowing the weather. Make sure you have your route planned, especially for long trips, otherwise you could find yourself surprised by an accident and lost at the same time. When it comes to weather, always be aware of your local weather in case the climate decides to make it a little harder to drive, and also plan ahead for the weather in case of a long trip – similarly, you don’t want to be caught surprised.

Antilock Brakes or Not?

Knowing the kinds of brakes you have and the kinds of brakes out there will help you stay safe in your car. Most cars nowadays do come with antilock brakes, which means you are expected to stomp on your brakes, rather than pump them as you would do with old brakes. You should not pump antilock brakes as this is dangerous.

Don’t Drive Affected

This means don’t drive drunk, under the influence, or sleepy. Drinking and driving – no matter how much you’ve had – is never safe. People often overestimate their “ability” to drive while “buzzed,” resulting in more accidents. Follow a blood
alcohol chart – understanding that body mass will play a part in this as well – if you’re not sure when it is safe. You may have to wait somewhere for hours, but it is worth it. Driving sleepy or drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving drunk, so if you’re in a car, driving and sleepy, pull over somewhere safe and get rest before resuming driving.

Defensive Driving

Always keep an eye on where you’re going and look out for potential obstacles and bad drivers. You should be prepared to evade potential accidents, drop back if someone could cut you off, and to pull over if someone tries to overtake you on the road. Always keep a safe driving distance between automobiles so that there is no danger of an accident as a result of bad braking or people driving too tightly together. Do not tailgate, and always drive as if you have a passenger.

If you’re in a car accident, contact RS Law Offices right away so that we can get you what you deserve. Staying safe on the road is one thing, but staying safe after an accident is also important – you want to remain protected if you’re dealing with the results of a car accident, too.


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