Four Surprising Myths about Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Motorcycles have become a pretty popular way to get around in the country. In California alone, there are over 790,000 registered motorcycles. This number is set to increase as more people choose the convenience and the fun that comes with getting around on a motorcycle. But despite these increasing numbers, there are countless myths and misconceptions that float around not just about motorcyclists, but also the accidents they’re involved in. 

Surprising Myths about Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries 

Motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a crash than normal car passengers. Some of these accidents are caused by the lack of awareness from other road users which is why we compiled and debunked five common myths about motorcycle accidents below:

Myth 1: Motorcycle Riders are Young and Reckless and Cause their Own Accidents

Most people associate motorcycle riding with young, reckless punks doing it for the sake of thrill. They also believe that these young reckless riders are the reason behind the increasing number of motorcycle crashes. But this is far from true. The truth is, motorcycle enthusiasts come from a diverse array of backgrounds, and are not just young, reckless punks. 

Also, if statistics are anything to go by, other road users are the predominant reason behind the increasing number of motorcycle crashes. Data compiled by HG.Org shows about ¾ of motorcycle crashes usually involve collisions with other motorists, mostly passenger vehicles. Most of these crashes occur because other motorists fail to detect and recognize motorcyclists in traffic. 

Myth 2: Helmets Do More Harm than Good

Most people believe that in the event of an accident, a motorcyclist’s helmet increases the likelihood of a neck fracture because of the weight it puts on your head. Others believe that helmets make it difficult for the rider to see, hear, or detect danger.

Both beliefs are a myth. 

Helmets have been proven as the single most effective way to reduce head and neck injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes. Also, helmets don’t block out the rider’s ability to see or hear danger. If anything, they do the opposite.

The helmet’s visor protects the rider’s eyes from wind and other debris allowing them to see the road ahead better. It also reduces wind noise so the motorcyclists can hear better while on the road. Additionally, by reducing wind and noise pressure, helmets have the added advantage of preventing rider fatigue. In other words, helmets are the easiest and most efficient way for motorcycle riders to stay safe on the road. 

Myth 4: You Shouldn’t Hire Legal Counsel for Small Claims 

A majority of motorcycle crashes are usually serious and fatal, but minor crashes are also commonplace. When these minor crashes occur, most people will advise the rider to skip hiring an attorney because the process of settling such claims is simpler. 

However, regardless of how minor the crash was, every rider deserves to get their full compensation. If you skip hiring a motorcycle accident attorney and choose to settle on your own, there’s a high chance you will not get the fair amount.

But when you hire an attorney, they’ll advise you on the compensation you deserve, and guide you on how to go about the claims process. 

Myth 4: Laying it Down Reduces the Likelihood of Injuries in Crashes

Laying it down, or intentionally falling over sideways in the event of a crash is a popular trick used by actors in action movies. People believe that laying it down can prevent motorcycle crash injuries. 

However, this trick only works in movies. 

As with any other accidents, motorcycle crashes happen too fast, and too unexpectedly that the rider usually has no time to think about intentionally falling over. Besides, if a rider has the time to lay down, then holding their breaks or reducing their speed would be a more sensible thing to do because rubber stops better and faster than the plastic or metallic parts of a motorcycle. 

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