Four Arizona Workers’ Compensation Tips

If you live in Arizona and you suffer an injury while on the job, you should know your rights, in terms of representation, potential compensation, and the laws surrounding workers’ compensation. You should make sure to seek proper medical care, as well, and be certain to keep records of communications and treatments for future reference, as you will need this for your case. Here are four basic tips for dealing with workers’ compensation in Arizona.

Seek Medical Attention First

Your health is a priority in any situation – especially in an emergency in which you find yourself injured. This could include anything from a nurse’s station at your job to – depending on the severity of the injury – going to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. You should make sure that all of your injuries are attended to and that records are kept of every medical procedure, examination, and discussion while dealing with medical professionals. This is for your records, but also for your potential workers’ compensation claim.

Write Everything Down

On top of keeping records, it is incredibly important to write down all of the details of your accident. You should do this as soon as is feasible so that you don’t forget any details. You should make sure to submit the details of your injury to your supervisor at work so that a workers’ compensation case can be opened. Make sure that what you write down contains:

  • The exact date and time you incurred the injury
  • The body parts that were injured
  • Where you were at the time you incurred the injury
  • An explanation of how the injury came about

What and Who is Covered?

Employees (rarely self-employed or contract workers) working for a company that has active workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law for most employers, but there are exceptions. If your company does have this insurance, you are covered if you experienced a work-related illness or injury.

Is There a Deadline?

Yes, you must make sure that you file a workers’ comp claim in writing within one year of the injury date. This is why it is critical to get your details down right away, keep your records, and file your claim as soon as possible. This way the case doesn’t get away from you, and so that things remain fresh in your mind and a priority for the company you work for.


Knowing your rights is critical to making sure you aren’t taken advantage of and that you are properly compensated for any losses. Making payments for all of your medical treatment and visits should not be your sole responsibility when a workplace is meant to be safe and free from obstacles and dangers. Make sure you always wear safety equipment at work, as well, because if you do suffer an injury on the job, you want to minimize any impact on you; it also helps, in the long run, to show that you were not also negligent.

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