Five Things to Know About Bike Accidents in Arizona

Bicycling may be the way to go for sustainable transportation, but that’s all the more reason why anyone in Arizona should make sure to practice basic bicycle safety. Over 47 million people in the United States ride bicycles, and that number will likely increase as some urban centers move away from fossil fuels and even electric vehicles. At least 2 people per day are killed on a bicycle throughout the US, which is yet another reason to practice safe riding and to be aware of other factors affecting bicyclists.

Bicycle Accidents and Negligence

The majority of claims made by bicyclists in the personal injury category are for the negligence of the person driving the automobile. As with all claims, you must be able to support and prove a few important things. First, you must prove that the driver owed you reasonable care in terms of their driving. Second, you must prove that they did not take reasonable care while driving. You must then prove that you were injured as a result of this breach and that you suffered damages.

Arizona Bike Laws

There are many Arizona laws that apply to bicycle riders, including:

  • Use arm signals when changing lanes or turning
  • Ride as close as possible to the curb if you are slower than normal traffic
  • Do not hold on to other vehicles
  • Don’t ride side-by-side with other bicycles
  • Always keep at least one hand on the handlebars

What Happens If You’re in a Bicycle Crash?

You should be certain to wait for the police to arrive after a crash and give your version of everything that has just occurred to the police. Make sure to get information from the driver and from witnesses, and do not get rid of your damaged bicycle or other evidence. Get medical attention and keep your records.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Always wear a helmet and high-visibility and reflective clothing. Be sure to always look behind you and to ride defensively. You should also be a predictable bike rider – don’t swerve or change speeds unexpectedly – anything that could increase the likelihood of an accident.

Can A Bicyclist Be At Fault?

Most certainly. Arizona is what is known as a pure comparative fault state, so the damages you are compensated are reduced depending on how much you were at fault. Your best bet to avoid this is to follow all road signs and lights, ride with traffic, ride sober and generally drive safely.


Defensive driving is always your go-to tactic when riding a bike – stay aware at all times and practice the utmost safety while riding your bicycle. If you are in an accident, seek immediate medical attention and get insurance information just like you would in a two-car accident. Report the incident to the police and make sure to write down everything that happens in the event you will need to file other reports, as well. Staying safe is number one, but staying protected after the fact is also important.

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