Five Safety Products for Motorcycle Riders

Approximately ten percent of motor vehicle deaths in the United States can be attributed to motorcycle accidents. Safe riding and defensive driving are important to all motor vehicle operations, of course, but making sure you’re stocked up on the right equipment to make your ride as safe as possible is critical to avoiding accidents or, in some cases, keeping yourself as safe as possible in the event of an accident. Here are five products you should have to help you remain safe while riding a motorcycle.

A Helmet with Padding and a Visor

Simply having a helmet is not only the law but will protect you from some of the worst effects of a motorcycle accident, protecting your outsides and helping reduce your risk of a fatal injury to your brain. Making sure this helmet is properly fitted and has thick enough padding to protect you is critical, and a visor will help protect you from particulate. Ventilation is also critical for the comfort factor.

Side Mirrors

Seeing what is around you is all a part of defensive driving, and if you need to assess the lay of the land before looking over your shoulder, having side mirrors will help in the long run. Make sure to concentrate on visibility and strength – you should be able to see the mirrors in your normal riding posture and it should be sturdy enough to resist wind and any other stressors.

Tire Inflation Tool

You’re probably not riding around with a spare, and if you’re like many bikers in Arizona and California, you like to get into the weeds a bit. Getting far out there for exploration means you’re further and further away from help. Having a portable tire inflator – whether a hand pump or a pre-charged air compressor – is critical to re-inflating your tire. You should also keep a patch kit with you in case of a reparable puncture.


It’s one of those other things that no one wants to think about, but the wind blowing past your ears can cause hearing damage after prolonged exposure. Also, that monotonous sound can contribute to fatigue. Putting in earplugs for the ride can help protect you from the worst effect of the wind on your hearing and on your state of mind.

Motorcycle Boots

Your feet are going to be in only a few positions during your ride and, especially during a long one, you need to make sure your boots are not just well-built, but comfortable enough to stand up to the pressure you’ll experience. You have many options when looking for boots, but you should make sure the ones you have are the right size and profile to not interfere with any equipment on your bike, either.


Motorcycles symbolize freedom, and riders in California and Arizona have numerous beautiful paths to take. Enjoying them, and enjoying that freedom, are not without their risks. If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident, you should contact an attorney to find out what your rights and options are.

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