Five Products for Truck Driver Safety

Truck drivers are the backbone of the economy, and their safety is of the utmost importance. Not only are they at special risk of traffic accidents, but truck driving comes with a host of other dangers. The easiest way to stay safe while driving any vehicle is being aware of your surroundings and making sure your vehicle is up to maintenance standards and driving defensively, while also understanding the physics of the load you are hauling. Here are some good pieces of safety equipment any trucker should have available to them, whether stuck on the road after an accident or simply while unloading.

Hard Hat

Most companies recommend wearing a hard hat the second you exit the cab of your truck. Hauling heavy and dangerous items puts you at extra risk of injury from heavy or sharp items falling on you. Opening your truck for inspections or unloading are also a risk, should anything have shifted or come loose from restraining straps. Having a hard hat at the ready is a great way to prevent an on-the-job injury.

Protective Eyewear and Ear Protection

Work sites of all kinds can be excessively loud and potentially filled with flying dangerous objects. Even a small piece of debris can cause serious eye injury, and extra exposure means extra risk. At least a pair of ear plugs and wraparound eye protection should be kept on you for unloading or for moving around worksites you may need to be at. You can find good quality protective eye and ear protection in most hardware stores

High Visibility Vests and Other Clothing

When you’re outside of your truck, at the side of the road or otherwise, you’re a pedestrian, now. Pedestrians need to make their presence known however they can. While you should have flares and reflective barricades for your truck, you also need to make yourself an obvious thing to avoid. High visibility (reflective) vests and other clothing are a great way to ensure that you are visible and to avoid an accident.

Good Gloves

Whether you’re opening the back of your trailer for the 1,000th time or just handling a tool, having good protective gloves, such as the kind made of Kevlar, is key to preventing hand injury. We all need our hands, but you need yours to drive and to make a living. Don’t take any of your extremities or your experience for granted – assume that dangers are just that – dangerous – and plan ahead.

Safety Boots

A good pair of boots are critical to comfort and safety. You should shop around and find a pair that make driving comfortable and also can protect you (steel toes, etc) from potential injury from heavy falling items. You should also be sure that the boots have good arch support, as a long time using your feet without arch support can be very painful and damaging.

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