Five Products for Increased Automobile Safety

It should be no surprise that in Arizona and California, with the increasing dependence on cars, automobile accidents are increasingly likely. In the event of an accident, you want to have as many bases covered as possible – from minor repairs you can do yourself to getting yourself out of harm’s way as quickly and easily as possible. Here are five recommended products for keeping yourself safe out on the road.

Portable Air Compressor for Flat Tires

If your tires are running low or are flat, you should be prepared with your spare. If it’s a donut, though, you can only ride for so long at certain speeds before it is recommended to stop using it. If you can patch your tire and reinflate it on the go with a portable air compressor, though, you might be able to get further to have it looked at by a professional.

Camera for Your Rearview Mirror

This mirror camera is designed to not only help you avoid obstacles while backing up, but it also has a front-facing camera to record your drive in the case of an accident. Having a record of the events leading up to it may help you when presenting evidence to insurance or your attorney. Typically they record in a loop so that they never run out of data storage.

A Portable Jumper

If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and it turns out you’ve left the door open or left the interior lights on all night, your battery is likely to be drained. With a portable battery jumper, you should be on your way in no time. This doesn’t require the presence of another car, since it is a self-contained battery designed to jump 12-volt batteries. Some variations also come with USB and other ports for charging phones, etc.

Belt Cutter / Window Breaker for Emergency Escapes

In the event of a water emergency or another situation in which you might be stuck in your car, a two-in-one belt cutter and window breaking tool will certainly come in handy. The dense metal window breaking hammer is designed to penetrate through typical automobile windows and the belt cutter is razor sharp, underneath a plastic guard to prevent you from cutting yourself while using it.

Signal Booster for Your Cell Phone

While this is a pricey item, if you know you’re going to be somewhere out of touch, having a cell phone signal booster is critical for getting in touch with civilization in case of an emergency. This device is intended to increase the range of your signal so that your phone can communicate with the nearest towers and connect you to a network so you can make those important emergency calls.


Defensive driving and paying attention to the road are obviously the keys to safe driving, but being prepared for emergencies is always in your best interest. Call an attorney if you’ve been in a car accident, and be sure to hold on to any and all paperwork related to the incident.

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