5 Things to Avoid After a Car Accident in California

After an auto accident in California, you’ll get all sorts of advice on what to do next. Some people will advise you to contact the police, exchange driver information, talk witnesses into giving their statement, call 911, and many other tips.

While they’re all looking out for you, rarely does anyone tell you what not to do. That is why discussed herein are the top five things you should not do after a car accident.

  • Don’t Apologize

After a car accident in California, it’s human nature to apologize to the other party immediately and see what you can do to make the situation better. While your intentions are pure and innocent, never apologize after a car accident. This might be perceived as admitting liability when, in reality, you are the victim. An apology could hurt your claim or even have you made responsible for the damages. In that light, avoid apologizing. Stay calm and polite but don’t say sorry. Say as little as possible so you don’t say anything the other driver might use against you. 

  • Don’t Leave the Scene

After a minor accident, you and the other driver involved might review the scene and decide to leave things that way as the damage is pretty minor. The decision might be mutual, but it may land you in trouble. Why? Well, in most states, you’re required by the law to stop, check the parties involved to see if they’re okay, exchange insurance info, and even call the police.  Driving away means the other driver might secretly take your details and sue you for failing to render aid. So, even if the other motorist says it’s okay, stick around until law enforcement officers arrive at the scene. 

  • Don’t Speak to Anyone about It Yet

After an auto accident, witnesses and first responders may try to ask you what happened. Avoid recounting the incident to anyone. The other driver’s insurance company might coerce these witnesses into saying what you told them, and unfortunately, your words might be used against you. Don’t talk to anyone on your own unless it’s your insurer, the police, or a car accident attorney in California. 

  • Don’t Hide Past Injuries

For instance, if you had an injury, a broken arm, don’t try to blame it on the accident. Although this might strengthen your case, keep in mind insurance companies try to pay as little as possible when accidents happen. They won’t just compensate you because you claim you broke your arm in the accident. They may subpoena your health records, and if they find out you had broken your arm before the accident, they’ll use the information against you. Always come clean about any preexisting injuries you had, which might have been aggravated by the accident. 

  • Don’t Accept Settlement Offers

After an accident occurs in California, the at-fault driver’s insurer may try to compensate you for the damages incurred. Don’t accept any offer without consulting an experienced auto accident attorney. Why? Well, you don’t know how extensive the damages on your car are yet, and how much the medical bills will cost you. If you accept an offer beforehand, it means you cannot claim more in the future, should the damages and injuries cost you more than you accepted. 

Speak to a Car Accident Attorney Today

After an auto accident, the best thing you can do is speak to an experienced car accident attorney in California. Attorneys at RS Law Offices always have the best interests at heart for you and will fight to protect your legal rights and ensure you get the right compensation. 

Contact us today speak to one of our attorneys about your auto accident case. 

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