Looking Out for Motorcycles

In 2019, the number of deaths caused by motorcycles was found to be 29 times that of deaths caused by cars. Motorcycles can go very fast, they have no sides to protect the rider, they are more difficult to see on the road and they do not perform well in bad weather. While it is a choice people make to ride in a comparatively dangerous vehicle, looking out for their safety should be encouraged by all other drivers. This is to look out for fellow human lives, but also to look out for yourself and to keep the traffic moving. You could also be hurt if you are on the road during a motorcycle crash. They are smaller than cars but they are still masses of metal traveling at top speeds.

A motorcyclist should absolutely be held responsible for any crash or accident, just the same as a driver should be. If you witness such an accident, contact the local police or ambulance services. If it is you who has been affected, go a step further and hire a lawyer with experience in motorcycle accident settlements. Look out for your interests, and take note of any details on the scene, as well as any contact information from any witnesses.

In an effort to avoid that exact kind of problem, let’s look at different ways we can look out for motorcycles and how to avoid accidents with them.

  • Drive defensively – Not aggressively

In general, it is a good idea to take your time. If you don’t view your time on the road as a race, it will be easier for you to notice what is happening on the road. Having a more relaxed attitude to driving can also prepare you to make those quick decisions, which can sometimes be life or death.

  • Give them room – Don’t get too close!

It can be hard to stop or slow down for a motorcycle driver. Because of this, it is a good idea to give them some room, especially by turns, stoplights or stop signs.

  • Left turns are a problem

The most common fatalities for motorcycle drivers occur when they are going straight at an intersection while facing a car that is turning left. This stems from a combination of low visibility and the driver of the car misjudging the speed of the motorcycle. As they both head into the intersection, the biker is knocked out and the car is struck.

Always look to see what the biker is doing, if one is before you when you go to turn left. You may be better off waiting for the bike to clear the intersection before trying.

  • All about looking out

Encourage your kids, partner, or anyone else you ride with to point out any motorcyclists on the roads. Visibility is the biggest factor in most accidents, so looking out specifically for motorcycles is the best way to proceed. Make sure to regularly check your blind spots, too. This is especially true for highway driving and changing lanes.

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