How Much is a Slip and Fall Claim Settlement Worth?

When filing a slip and fall claim, you might want to consider the amount of compensation. While there’s no defined amount of settlement, a successful claim should adequately compensate you for physical, emotional, and monetary loss. Hiring an experienced lawyer is critical to getting adequate compensation for a valid claim. The article explains the factors used to determine this amount.

Present and Future Medical Bills

The cost of medical treatment plays a critical role in determining the amount of compensation for a slip and fall claim. It varies based on the type of injury and the plaintiff’s location but courts often use the amount the healthcare provider charges or have agreed to receive as full payment. Oftentimes, healthcare providers agree to receive amounts less than the billed price. 

Pain and Suffering

The treatment cost only accounts for the patient’s physical injuries, not the pain and suffering caused. While it’s difficult to estimate this kind of loss in monetary terms, the treatment cost is a starting point. Normally, the lawyer determines an appropriate multiplier depending on the severity of the injuries to calculate a suitable estimate for the pain and suffering you need. As such, an individual who sprains a wrist and recovers within a few weeks receives a lower compensation than one who needs to walk with a limp for the rest of their life after breaking bones.

Loss of Wages 

The plaintiff may have missed work due to the injuries, hence the need to account for this loss too. This means you need to estimate the amount you’d have earned during that period and the amount of time lost. Be sure to provide such estimates in writing to avoid disputes.

Loss of Earning Capacity

Some injuries are so severe that they reduce your ability to earn as you did previously. The lawyer may invite an expert (usually a vocational rehabilitation specialist) to support the claim and provide an evaluation of your occupation, injuries, and prospects for getting employment. This means the property owner should compensate you by:

  • Paying a lump sum amount for the plaintiff’s reduced earning capacity
  • Paying for training in a different field

Other expenses

The plaintiff may also incur additional expenses due to the injury. For example, they may need to hire a professional caregiver to take care of them during recovery and sometimes for the rest of their lives. However, your lawyer should prove a rational connection between the injury and such expenses to qualify for compensation.

Why Hire a Lawyer

  • Slip and fall compensation lawyers should help you:
  • Present a strong case
  • Negotiate skillfully
  • Establish contact with the defendant
  • Draft the necessary paperwork
  • Advise you on whether to accept an out of court settlement or take the case to trial

Contact RS Slip and Fall Settlement Lawyers Today

Working with our lawyers is an excellent way to ensure you receive adequate compensation. They help clients resolve such cases fast while following all the necessary steps in resolving a slip and fall case. RS lawyers also recommend the best courses of action in case the compensation awarded isn’t enough.

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