Four Medical Alert and Slip and Fall Apps

Slip and fall accidents are unfortunately rather common in the US. The part that many people often miss when discussing slip and fall accidents, though, is that it is not just the elderly who suffer from them. Anyone of any age can have an accident, and people of all walks of life may have chronic and other conditions that make them more likely to suffer slip and fall accidents. Here are four apps designed to help anyone in the event of a slip and fall.

FallSafety App

The FallSafety App features a countdown timer that controls when alerts and the alarm are activated after an incident. Like most such apps, it informs all your emergency contacts of the fall you’ve had, so that they can send for help and come assist you, when possible. The FallSafety App is very quick to set up, as well, making it worry-free.


While the MyNotifi App charges a one-time fee for their equipment and service, you won’t see another charge. The one-time fee exists in place of a contract or subscription fee. You receive a wristband and a belt clip, and they sync up with your smartphone. A full charge of the devices can last 24 to 48 hours. The wristband looks enough like an exercise watch that it won’t stand out, for those not wanting to wear a pendant or some other more obvious piece of safety equipment.


Some of the more sophisticated apps have multiple options tailored to the people who may end up using the app. They have three different apps in the FallCall Apple App Store (only FallCall Lite is available on Android). They claim that their technology knows the difference between fall intensities. A high-impact fall will trigger the monitoring service. It will also contact emergency services, if need be. You should look over their options to see which is more suited to your situation.

Silent Beacon

Not all of the apps require extra hardware, but Silent Beacon does. Their Panic Button sends texts, push notifications, voice calls and emails to emergency contacts that you’ve stored in the app. There are no monthly fees, either. You pay for the button itself and the app is free, so you don’t deal with subscriptions lapsing or any other such issues – you have your Panic Button at the ready and simply pair it with your phone.


All slip and fall accidents should be treated seriously, and medical attention is recommended with any level of injury. If you’ve suffered a slip and fall accident, your next call after medical attention should be to an attorney who can handle the other end of things for you. You don’t want to be caught dealing with medical bills that you shouldn’t have to pay while also healing. You can also run all of these options by your physician if you’re unsure which model or app might be right for you or your current medical situation.

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