Five Tips for Summer Road Trip Safety

Summer time means warmer weather, and that means road trip time. Whether you’re heading down the street or across the country, there’s always a potential obstacle waiting for you. There’s no reason not to put together a safety checklist, and practice safe driving habits before everything gets crazy. For proper road safety, you’ll want to concentrate just as much on yourself – the driver – as any other factor. Here are five tips to help you keep road safe this summer.

The Eyes Have It

Driving fatigue is a very real thing, and so is the damage the road can cause if you drive for long periods unprotected. Setting yourself up with a pair of polarized sunglasses are a good preventative measure to help alleviate that fatigue, as well as cut down on overall damage to your eyes. Polarized sunglasses mean less glare, so being able to see the road easier will also help prevent accidents.

Go (and Stay) the Distance

Don’t tailgate, period. It’s dangerous, and not just when it’s between two normal-sized cars. Keep several car lengths apart from any vehicle, as stopping distance is different for all cars, and in all kinds of weather conditions. Also be sure to secure anything you might be hauling, to reduce the likelihood of losing it, which could cause an accident, as well.

Stay Cool

Neither you nor your automobile should overheat in the summer, so pay attention to the signs your body gives you, the same way you’d listen to your car. Heat can make you drowsy, and you don’t want to doze off in the middle of a drive. Stay cool and hydrated, and take breaks when necessary.

Stay Up on Maintenance

Whether it’s making sure you get an oil change before and after (and sometimes during) a trip, or checking your battery, having your fluids replaced, or checking your tires, your car’s maintenance is crucial to a hazard-free trip. Bear in mind if you’ve got any parts “on the verge,” heat and extensive travel can push those parts to the limit, necessitating extensive repairs more than if you’d simply maintained them.

Keep an Eye Out

Not only should you be a diligent driver, you should also keep an eye out for other drivers. The heat and excitement and other factors tend to make summer drivers distracted, so driving defensively is critical to ensuring your safety during this time. At the same time, you should also keep an eye out for changing weather. Stay up on your forecasts to make sure you don’t accidentally drive to the center of a weather event, like a tornado or a flood.


Don’t take that beautiful weather and newfound freedom for granted, especially when it comes to your safety. Don’t forget that road safety is not just about how well you can maneuver – it’s all about planning and keeping an eye out. Enjoying that warm weather begins with knowing you can navigate the worst it can throw at you.

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