Five Products for Increased Bicycle Safety

Bicycle accidents are unfortunately increasingly common in both California and Arizona, causing many to seek damages to compensate for their losses. Defensive driving and being aware of your surroundings are the best tools for safety, as is making sure your bicycle is properly maintained, making sure to wear a helmet, and obeying all street laws to avoid accidents as best you can. In addition to wearing a properly fitted bicycle helmet, here are five products every bicycle rider should have at their disposal.

Repair / Maintenance Kit

Riding on poorly-inflated or leaking tires can be dangerous, as can finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with a tire that needs patching, or a disconnected chain. You should carry a small kit with your patch kit, spare tire tube, levers to switch out tubes, and a pump to make sure you are prepared. It’s also smart to include a small first aid kit, as well as a multi-tool, should your repair needs be a little more complicated.

Reflective Gear and (Extra) Reflective Tape

Your helmet, shoes, bicycle, and your top layer of clothing should all have reflective elements on them, if possible. Reflective leg bands will work to reflect light and keep you visible, and also help to keep your paints from getting caught in your chain. You should also carry extra backup reflective tape should you lose any on the ride or be stuck with less reflective clothing than normal.

Biking Gloves

Hand and arm injuries are incredibly common in bicycle accidents, so wearing bicycle gloves can at least keep your hands free of injuries to your palm, and cushion the blow a bit.

Bells and Lights

Installing a light on the front and back of your bike increases visibility overall. Installing them will announce your presence the same way a motorcycle’s does, making people aware of your positioning. Having a bike bell or horn is also important in the case of needing to indicate your presence to other bicycles, motorists, or pedestrians. Combined with defensive driving, both of these items should decrease your likelihood of a crash.

Mirrors and Cameras

Mirrors can be installed directly on the bicycle, on your helmet, or both. These will make your ability to see behind you easier, especially since it can be difficult and dangerous to look too far over your shoulder while maneuvering a bicycle. In case of an accident, it also doesn’t hurt to have a “dashcam” type digital camera, most of which come with the equipment to tape to your helmet or handlebars, and which can help in the case of determining fault in an accident.


Safe driving and bicycle riding are always your first line of defense, and you should always assume – and drive as though – no one else can see you. Signal, drive defensively, and try to remain visible and as obvious as possible. Unfortunately, the busier the roads, the more common accidents will become. If you are the victim of a bicycle accident, you should speak with an attorney to understand your rights as soon as possible.

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