Common Land Rover Problems: When to Apply the Lemon Law

Range Rovers have an irresistible allure. One characterized by a sporty appearance, high performance, and luxurious interior. They also have a high safety rating, but it’s not uncommon for them to experience problems that render them as lemon. Some of the issues have led to recalls, and others are yet to be addressed by the British manufacturer. The most common Land Rover problems that compel car owners to engage a Californian Lemon Law Attorney include:

Emission Problems

Apart from the Volkswagen, Land Rover vehicles have also had their share of emission testing problems. Regulators recently launched complaints compelling the manufacturer to recall more than 44,000 vehicles. The recall targeted the 2.0 liter 2016-2018 Land Rovers models as they were producing higher CO2 emissions than what Vehicle Certification Agency permits.

Engine Failure

The 2019 Land Rover models may exhibit engine problems. The issue is a result of defective construction of the retaining bolt that causes engine failure. The problem was evident in a range of 2019 Land Rover models, including the Discovery SUVs, Range Rover Velar, and the Range Rover Sport. As a result, the manufacturer authorized a range of dealers to replace the crankshaft pulley center bolt for free. 

Doors Suddenly Unlatching While Closed

The 2013-2016 Range Rovers and the 2014-2016 Range Rover Sports have experienced the problem. Sometimes the problem occurs when the vehicle is in motion. The manufacturer explained that the problem was not mechanical, but the models only needed the keyless entry software updated. Another issue closely related to these models is leaking sunroofs. Dealers explained that the problem could be fixed through the application of a primer to the panoramic panel.

Signal Malfunction

Several 2018 and 2019 Range Rover models have exhibited faulty turn signals. While the dashboard indicators indicate the signal is functional, the lights fail to light up. The compromised turn signal can lead to a crash when turning a lane as nearby cars may be oblivious of the failed signal attempt.

Electrical Problems

After spending $60,000 or more on a vehicle, you don’t expect your Land Rover to experience electrical problems. Unfortunately, several car owners have reported such issues even before the vehicle attains the recommended 60,000 mileage. Car parts with such issues include the gasket, oil cooler line, and the heater core.

Faulty Fuel Gauge

The 2017 Range Rover Sport may exhibit problems relating to the fuel gauge. The problem is a result of an error with the sensor that causes the car’s system to show a low fuel level despite having ample fuel. Also, the fuel gauge lights up, causing the engine to stall in a bid to protect the fuel pump from damage. So far, the issue has affected 1900 2017, Range Rover Sport cars.

Discuss Your Options with a Lemon Law Attorney

If your new Range Rover is experiencing either of the problems discussed, enlist the help of one of our Lemon Law Attorneys. They will help you pursue a cash compensation, statutory buyback, or a replacement from the manufacturer. Contact one of our experienced professionals today.

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