Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in the United States

Whether due to size, or footprint of the motorcycle, or sheer stability, or a combination of these factors, motorcycles are much more likely to be involved in an accident than other automobiles. Certainly, in some cases, this is a visibility issue as well, with many drivers of other automobiles not looking in their blind spots before entering a new lane. Almost eighty percent of motorcycle crashes end up causing death or injury (with only twenty percent of passenger car accidents ending in the same result). Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in the United States.

Substance Use

Intoxication through the use of drugs and alcohol is a major factor when it comes to motorcycle accidents. Almost thirty percent of motorcycle riders who are involved in fatal accidents are over the legal limit in terms of blood-alcohol concentrations. Almost forty-five percent of those bikers involved in fatal accidents had some alcohol in their system at the time.

  • The obvious solution: Don’t drink and/or use and then drive
  • If you drink before driving, wait for at least one drink per hour, though for some people the wait should be longer

Reaction time and judgment can be immediately affected after only one drink, so it isn’t worth the risk.

High Speed

Motorcycles are exciting for the freedom they offer. Sometimes, that freedom seems like it needs a little extra gas. Unfortunately, if you don’t know when is appropriate to accelerate, or you don’t obey the legal speed limits, you put yourself at increased risk of a motorcycle accident. In 2017, about thirty-one percent of motorcycle riders in the United States who ended up in fatal accidents were going above the speed limit. Speeding can put you at risk of tipping your bike, or make certain road conditions extra dangerous – like seams in the road, gravel, rain, etc. Speeding also makes it harder to compensate for anything – or anyone – around the corner when you head around it at high speed.

Poor Attention and Inexperienced Riders

Getting your motorcycle license only gets you so far. Riding a long time is what increases your capabilities as a rider, which is why many inexperienced riders are the cause of accidents. This includes the twenty-nine percent of fatal motorcycle accidents that happen at the hands of motorcycle riders who don’t have a license. The other big cause of motorcycle accidents is a rider simply not paying attention. People often think of themselves as multitaskers, but that is scientifically impossible, and in doing too many things at once – especially at  high speed – doesn’t allow us to make good decisions fast or make fast decisions well.

Stay Protected After Your Accident

If you’re in the unfortunate position of finding yourself in a motorcycle accident, you’ll need to call RS Law Offices to consult on everything surrounding your accident. Hold on to all of your paperwork and be sure to file a police report, and keep everything related to injuries and loss of property.

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