Car Specific Repair Issues: When to Invoke California’s Lemon Laws and How RS Laws Can Help

Car Repair Issues

Car specific problems are the leading cause of recalls by most automakers and dealers globally. Last year, for instance, over 20,000 units of Volkswagen Golf MK.8 were recalled because of a software bug. Earlier this year, Volvo stated that they were planning to issue a recall for some of their cars. How do such car specific issues affect you and at which point should you invoke the Californian Lemon Laws to help you get you justice? Read on to find out.

Lemon Laws: Repair and Money Back

According to Lemon Laws, the car dealer or manufacturer is supposed to repair within a particular time limit, replace your car, or refund you all the money you spent purchasing it. But what exactly is a reasonable time limit? Well, while Lemon Laws do not exactly specify, there’s a presumption that your car dealer or the manufacturer must adequately fix these car specific issues within four attempts. This law applies to a car bought or leaser from car dealers and auto manufacturers within the state of California.

The Caveat?

The caveat to the application of the Lemon Laws is that the vehicle’s warranty must still be varied and that these repairs are sought within 18-months of buying or leasing the vehicle. It also must not have covered more than 18,000 miles

Other Laws Relating to Car Specific Repair Issues

While most car specific repair issues are best addressed under the Lemon Law, the automotive repair act also addresses the topic in detail. Section 9884.9 of the act addresses instances when a car repair issue isn’t diagnosed by the car dealer but any other professional licensed to diagnose motor vehicles. It also empowers the Bureau of Automotive Repairs with the responsibility of regulating the industry and investigating client-business disputes and penalizing violators. According to this act, an Automotive Repair Specialist is supposed to issue you with a written price estimate(quote)of the repair, expressing breaking down the labor charges and cost of replacement parts. They must also not start repairing a car before receiving an express authorization from the car owner. This act covers both general repair issues and car-specific repair issues.

How Can RS Law Offices in California Help?

If you feel violated by the automaker, the car dealer, or the general repair shop, talk to our experienced personal injury legal team at RS Law Offices California. At the Law Firm, a lawyer will take up your case and initiate the investigation by compiling your grievances and subjecting them to the interpretations of both the Lemon Law and the Automotive Repair Act. In the case of a car-specific repair issue with a car dealer or an automaker, they will help you petition the company and issue a demand letter for a new car, or for your money back. As for the general automotive repair shop, our team of highly proficient attorneys will help push your case

to the Bureau of Automotive Repairs. This Bureau as noted holds the sole responsibility of instituting claims and penalties on registered car repair shops.

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