5 Ways Parents can Encourage Safe Teen Driving

For teenagers, getting a driver’s license is a significant milestone. It marks the beginning of independence and instills a sense of responsibility. 

Most teen parents often share their children’s excitement but remain equally apprehensive since they’re well-aware of the dangers that come with driving. And they do have a perfectly valid reason to fret because car crashes are the top cause of teen death. Discussed herein are several ways teen parents can encourage safe driving.

How Parents Can Encourage Safe Teen Driving

Watching your once teeny-tiny child transform into a teenager excited to drive themselves around is exciting but equally worrying. Here’s how you can encourage them to observe road rules, and stay safe on the road:

  1. Set the Pace

You cannot encourage your teenager to observe safe driving practices if you’re always over speeding, drunk driving, running red lights, tailgating or texting while driving.

If you want your teenage son or daughter to practice safe driving, you need to lead by example. 

Watch your speed, avoid aggressive driving, keep distractions at bay, and follow traffic rules whenever you’re driving with them in the car. 

  1. Enrol them in a Professional Driving School

Teaching your teenage daughter or son to drive will save you a few bucks, but it’s wise to leave the task to a professional driving school expert. 

This is essentially because one, not everyone is a natural teacher. That means you may not have the patience to watch them fail at something as simple as reversing over and over. 

Also, enrolling them in a professional driving school means they’ll be taught all there is to know about driving and road rules.

Plus, pro-driving school cars are equipped with safety features in case of a crash and you may even get an insurance discount if your teen is professionally trained. 

  1. Enrol them in a Graduated Drivers License Program

GDL programs are meant to help young and teen drivers gain safe driving experience by limiting some of their driving privileges. Under these programs, a teen driver may be limited from:

  • Late night driving
  • Carrying passengers while on the road
  • Driving unsupervised

These programs are an excellent way for your teen driver to gain road experience while encouraging them to observe safe driving practices. 

  1. Pick a Safe Car

Life is unpredictable, and even the most careful, super-experienced drivers get in car accidents. That said, all the tips above go a long way in promoting safe teen driving practices, but sometimes, your teen may crash due to nervousness or other reckless drivers. 

When they do, you want them to walk away with minimal injuries. So, after they learn to drive, get them a safe car.

 For instance, avoid giving your teenager a Lamborghini as it’s designed to be extremely fast, and will only encourage your son or daughter to hit the gas pedal to the max. 

  1. Encourage them to Speak Up

If your teenager feels free around you, they’ll tell you what they’re scared of when it comes to driving. They’ll also discuss their experiences more openly. Be the parent who encourages them to speak up by being approachable and maintaining a good relationship with your teenager. Need a professional car accident attorney? Contact our office today for an obligation-free consultation.

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