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Attorney Rafael Shpelfogel, a member of the Federal District Court as well as the California, New York, and New Jersey State Bar, graduated from Rutgers University, School of Business in 2002. During his time at Rutgers, Mr. Shpelfogel was accepted into the prestigious Gamma Sigma Alpha Honor Society, an organization established to recognize academic excellence in members of Greek Letter organizations. After completing his studies at Rutgers University, he took the next step towards a career providing legal aid by attending Brooklyn Law School where he received his Juris Doctor in 2005.

While attending law school, Mr. Shpelfogel worked as a legal intern at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. After graduating from Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Shpelfogel became an associate at the Law Offices of Benjamin Pinczewski, providing legal aid specializing in real estate, tax and estate planning.

In 2008 Mr. Shpelfogel decided to move from New York to California in order to open his own practice. During this time he specialized in renegotiating bank loans, helping many families in need of legal aid keep their homes and businesses by reducing their monthly mortgage payments.

To know the law is not merely to understand the words, but as well their force and effect.
It is impossible to find something as important as the power of the laws.

Justinian, Digest, Book 1, Title 3, 17

Providing Legal Aid to Both Coasts

Today, the Law Offices of Rafael Shpelfogel is based in Los Angeles, but includes branches across Northern and Southern California, as well as New York and New Jersey. Our firm is comprised of a team of legal aid experts from different backgrounds, but united by shared values and dedication to provide legal aid to those in need. This diversity helps us to provide our clients with many different perspectives and experiences in order to better assist them. We have chosen to remain a small law firm in order to best serve our clients, making sure that each client is looked well after and receives the settlement they deserve in a timely manner.

Legal Aid by the Law Offices of Rafael Shpelfogel

When you hire the Law Offices of Rafael Shpelfogel, you can rest assured knowing that a team of highly experienced professionals will be providing all of your legal needs from “A” to “Z”.

If you are in need of legal aid, contact us today by filling out this simple form which will allow us to appraise your claim and set up a web based interview that is customized to best serve your needs. Remember, the sooner that you contact us the sooner we may begin working on your claim, letting you stop worrying and get your life back to normal.

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